Do you ever wonder why some people are not enthusiastic about Diversity & Inclusion? Why some DEI actions/activities do not get enough attention/participants? Why do a lot of DEI efforts fail?

We developed a model and method to work from and call it AIM.

So you can create that inclusive culture faster and easier!

Training Recruiters

You want to recruit diverse talents, so your recruiters need to change how they recruit. Finding new and other ways to source and recruit, a new way of thinking around recruitment campaigns, referral marketing and finding new/ other recruitment channels. In this training, we help your recruiters and sourcers search, communicate and find talents from an inclusive point of view.

Employer Branding

Your mission is to attract more diverse talents. To be successful in doing so, you need to communicate about your organisation inclusively. All external communication, from the website to your presence at job markets and commercial communication, must be inclusive of creating an image that attributes to your ambitions on diversity and inclusion. So let’s have a close look together and create an inclusive employer brand!

Training Inclusive Communication

To make sure you attract more diverse applicants, it is eminent that you use inclusive language. What words to use and which ones do not? Inclusive imagery, how to go about that? What communication attracts more diverse applicants? How can you screen on inclusive language? This short training is especially for your communication specialist.

These clients already work with AIM: