NOT for HR


NOT for HR is the English version of the Dutch bestseller ‘NIET voor HR’, by Wendy Broersen.

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Inclusion is not only a hot issue in society, organizations can no longer avoid it. And then in addition to inclusion, we also have diversity. How do the two relate to each other and why are they usually mentioned in the same breath as D&I? Why doesn’t diversity thrive without inclusion? And above all: how do you work step by step towards a sustainably diverse and inclusive organization – and thus towards an inclusive society?

To answer those questions, this book gives you concrete answers and the revolutionary inclusion model AIM, with which you can get started right away. Many organizations appoint someone from HR as D&I manager. But for a structurally inclusive organizational culture, all departments, including the top of the organization, must be aware of the need for inclusion.
Hence Not for HR (only).

Wendy Broersen is an international DEI expert in the field of gender diversity and inclusion. She has been a serial entrepreneur for almost twenty years, has won several awards and nominations, had her own TV show on RTL ‘Supervrouwen’, is a guest lecturer at the University of Amsterdam, author and international speaker. With her company Superpeople Company, she helps organizations at home and abroad to attract and retain more diversity and ensure that they can develop optimally.

This book reads like you would listen to a presentation by Wendy: her focus on everything that is possible, touches and activates. Her mix of knowledge, scientific data, interesting examples and proven successful tips provide tools to get started right away. And even the font in this book is included. It makes it easier for people with dyslexia to read the book.

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