You want to make sure your organisation is ready for inclusion.

You want to create equality for all employees.

To do that, you need to take equity actions. Creating an ambition program for specific target groups, coaching those who need to grow, creating awareness, and ensuring the knowledge to lead inclusively are a few training and programs we have designed to help you.


Ambition Program

One of our most successful programs aims to ensure diversity is present in higher positions in your organisation. Only a few days of training result that diverse employees are taking that next step in their careers. Our success rate is off the charts! Within 3 months, 67% of the participants took the next step in their careers.

by you

Executive Coaching

Research shows it’s easier to take career steps with the help of an executive coach. We offer an international diverse team of certified coaches. Your talents in management benefit fully from our unique all-in package. With personal guidance for the coachee and specific tips for your organisation to help foster those talents. Which helps them become the best they can be.

Understanding & Respect

Inclusivity Trainings

You can only grow your inclusive culture if people are aware and adopt an inclusive mindset. Therefore we created a series of training and workshops for you: inclusive leadership, male allyship, neurodiversity at work, and unconscious biases, to name a few. We also have the best expert speakers who tell compelling stories about having a disability, their transgender journey or when being discriminated against, a.o. So check out the possibilities for you to enhance inclusion in your organisation.

The best you can be

Personal Development

Personal development is an excellent way for your colleagues to become more noticeable, visible and knowledgeable. So they can contribute in their own unique way to your inclusive culture. We work with the top 5% of experts on these topics, making sure you get the best results. Check out the topics and trainers here.

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