D&I is a hot topic. But where do you start with D&I, what can you do, and how do you do it? This book is a handy guide for all professionals who are getting started or have already begun with D&I. It’s full of practical steps and useful tips on how to embed D&I into the DNA of your organization. For anyone who wants to contribute to an inclusive society.

Agnies Lobbezoo, ABN AMRO

Table of contents

Chapter 1: Why diversity and inclusion are necessary for every organisation

Chapter 2: AIM, An Inclusion Model to make change easier and lasting

Chapter 3: This is how to create your D&I dream team

Chapter 4: Fase 1 – Foundation

Chapter 5: Fase 2 – Awareness

Chapter6: Fase 3 – Understanding

Chapter 7: Fase 4 – Integration

Chapter 8: Fase 5 – Sustainable: how to stay inclusive and create social impact

Sources and inspiration

Knowledge + practice = change

Concrete answers to the above (and other) D&I questions and the revolutionary inclusion model AIM as a guide, which you can start implementing immediately. Many organizations appoint someone from HR as the D&I manager. However, for an inclusive organizational culture, all departments, including the top of the organization, must be aware of the importance of diversity and inclusion. Hence the title: Not Just for HR.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion are not only for HR; they succeed only when experienced from the breadth of an organization and everyone’s active contribution. Wendy Broersen’s book describes practical guidelines on how to achieve this, supported by her AIM model that is applicable to everyone. When you understand and apply the principles from “Not for HR,” a diverse and inclusive organization is within reach.

Edward Boeijenga, ING Bank